The project region is backward in terms of employment opportunities, due to lack of industrialization and other job avenues. In such a backdrop the literate and under literate youths from the region were finding it difficult to acquire sustainable source of livelihood for their subsistence. Due to lack of livelihood opportunities a sizeable number of youths had out of frustration resorted to anti social activities In the aforesaid circumstance Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) with the support of NABARD, had intervened by imparting skill training to local youths with an aim to secure livelihood of youths who would contribute their share in nation building

House wiring

The instant project of Skill Development Program (SDP) on House Wiring trade was sanctioned by NABARD to HWF with an aim to provide skill trainings to youths from the Ganderbal region so that they can attain marketable skills and earn a decent income for their livelihood. HWF had implemented Skill Development program for local youths on House Wiring for a duration of 30 days (non – residential) through which total 30 youths were imparted with comprehensive trainings with adequate practical sessions on House wiring trade.

The training program was initiated in the month of June 2019. The participating trainee youths were imparted with comprehensive trainings on all aspects of house wiring through theory and hands on practical sessions. The participants were also provided with study materials, notes, diagrams and on site demonstrations for better understanding of House wiring concepts. In general following topics were covered (not exhaustive) in the training program on house wiring viz –

  • Electrical System wiring
  • Electricity safety
  • Wire stripping and termination techniques
  • Power cord installation
  • Residential wiring system
  • Non metallic cable installation
  • Switch outlet and lighting installation
  • Service connection
  • Circuit protection
  • 3 – way switch lighting circuit installation
  • Wiring of earth conductors
  • Pipe earthing, plate earthing etc

All the participants were provided with Tool kits after completion of the training program with an aim to support them in starting their occupation as house wiring technician with the help of basic tools needed for carrying out their job as house wiring technician. After successful completion of the training program the trainees were issued with certificates. After successful completion of the training program, the participant trainees have been provided with handholding support for getting employment /placement facility. Out of the total trainees nearly 70% of the trainees have obtained employment either with the contractors or senior private electricians in shops from Sri nagar and adjacent areas, whilst the remaining 25% – 27% trainees have established their own small electrical repairing shops and earns an average of 500 – 700/- Rs per day. Similarly the trainees who are working under the private contractors or senior electricians are also getting paid an average pay of Rs. 400/- to 500/- per day. Thus on an average after completion of the training program the participants are earning an average of Rs. 15000/- to 18000/- per month and are satisfied that their livelihood could be secured through Skill Development Program on House Wiring.

Mobile repairing

Mobile and or cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world and everyone has mobile phones which have created a need for technicians for mobile /cell phone repairing. There was a demand from local youths from the region that HWF should start some sort of training program for youths on mobile repairing as it had tremendous market potential for mobile repairing technician. Keeping this aspect into mind HWF with the support of NABARD had started skill training program on mobile repairing for rural youths from South Kashmir.

Under the mobile repairing training program, the participating trainees were imparted with technical knowledge on various kinds of mobile phones, their operating systems, common faults pertaining to sounds and visuals, connectivity, ICs and circuits, wiring etc. The participating trainees were also imparted with Entrepreneurship development trainings which would help them in future if they happen to start their own small mobile repairing shops. All the participants have successfully completed the trainings program on mobile repairing and have been given certificates of completion of training program. All the trainee participants have started deriving income either through working as mobile repairing technician in some mobile shops or have started their own small mobile repairing shop