Muslim Charity has been one of the most important partner of HWF through which the organization has carried out several developmental program in varied sectors ranging from education, Skill enhancement for livelihood security, Medical and health services, relief and rehabilitation etc. The details of such developmental programmes carried out through the support of Muslim Charity is provided hereinafter as follow

Education (Remedial)

The project “Empowerment through Education” was supported by Central Jamia Mosque Madni and Education Center Halifax, & Markazi Jamia Masjid Riza Huddersfield, through Muslim Charities, was an initiative by HWF through which the organization strived to address the issue of school drop outs by providing them with bridge course facility and mainstreaming such out of school children in formal full time formal schools

HWF had in pursuance of its objective of ensuring education for all children, carried out a baseline survey in few villages from Shahabad Dooru block of Anantnag district of J&K and identified nearly 120 out of school children, who had been dropped out of school for various reasons. The organization activists held interactions with such out of school children and their parents and convinced them about the importance of formal schooling and education in their life. After a lot of persuasions and motivation on the part of HWF activists, total 80 children agreed to rejoin schooling.

The selected 80 children were imparted with comprehensive age appropriate education in the non residential bridge course through trained teachers for a period of six months. During this duration the teachers carried out several evaluation tests of these 80 children and appropriate remedial counseling and teachings were provided to the respective child based on their performance in evaluation tests. After the completion of six months period, examination was carried out of all the children in which all the 80 children performed well and accordingly they were admitted in full time formal schools as per age appropriate class.

HWF after mainstreaming the 80 children in full time formal schools continuously carried out follow up of their academic performance with the concerned teachers for ensuring that the said children should not become drop out again, however all the children are well settled in the formal schooling and doing well in their studies.

Orphan scholarship

The last few decades have witnessed a momentous rise in orphan children, some of whom have either lost one or both parents as civilian casualties of conflict or other reasons. There are others who are left abandoned or are taken care of by their extended families, often living in conditions of extreme poverty, abysmal social – economic conditions or other hardships compelling such children to earn for livelihood or help their family members in household chores rather than pursuing their studies. Such orphan children are more prone to discontinue their studies and become drop out. HWF had with the aim of mainstreaming orphans and providing them with support for pursuing their education had under this project given orphan scholarships. The organization has under this intervention apart from scholarship provided with education kit to such children consisting of books and other educational materials

Vocational training for widows /half widows

The plight of considerable number of widows and half widows (women whose husbands whereabouts are not known and whether they are dead or alive) from Kashmir region is very miserable. The condition of such widows and half widows is such that they not only they become the sole bread earner with the responsibility of bringing up the children but also lose the community and family support. These widows have to face several challenges from getting a pension, ration cards, bank accounts, seeking livelihood etc besides facing severe social stigma and oppression and mental trauma. HWF had in order to alleviate this situation strived to provide skill trainings to such widows with an aim to empower such women financially through income generating activities. Under this project total 40 widow women were provided with vocational training on tailoring skills so that they can undertake tailoring works and earn a decent livelihood for themselves. The organization has also provided handholding support to several trainees for credit access and marketing of products for enhancing the incomes of such women trainees

Emergency medical camps

The poor state of health services and the relentless efforts from the government to improve the health services situation does not mean that vulnerable people have to wait to get access to medical assistance. Indeed, as it is not possible to ameliorate the health system in one day, we consider that it is our job, as an NGO that cares for peoples well being, to provide some medical assistance to the needy. Therefore Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) with the support of Central Jamia Mosque Madni and Education Center Halifax, & Markazi Jamia Masjid Riza Huddersfield, through Muslim Charities, organized total 36 Health camps for the poor in 36 villages from Anantnag and Kulgam District of J&K. Following are some of the major outcomes of the Emergency Health Camps viz
  • Total 2462 villagers from 36 villages from Anantnag and Kulgam district availed benefits of free medical health services through health camps
  • Free counseling, diagnosis, treatment and medicines were provided to 2462 villagers
  • Certified and specialized doctors conducted health check up of rural patients, most of whom had never accessed specialized medical services
  • Free Medical treatment given to villagers with special emphasis to poor and aged persons
  • Community members were made aware and sensitized on health issues
  • Family members of rural citizens provided with counseling on care aspects of patients.
  • Pain and agony of rural citizens minimized to considerable extent thus enhancing their quality of extended life.

Emergency medical camps

Winter brings in heavy or light snow fall which results in lots of hardships for poor families from Kashmir region. The poor people are the worst sufferers, with lack of food and essential storage for winter season they hardly have any provision for arranging cozy blankets, warm clothes, essential medicines etc for their family members. Due to exposure to severe cold the children and aged family members of such poor families constantly face severe cold related health hazards.

The organization Human Welfare Foundation (HWF), implemented the activity of distribution of winter relief kits with the support of Central Jamia Mosque Madni and Education Center Halifax, & Markazi Jamia Masjid Riza Huddersfield, through Muslim Charities. HWF identified such poor families from Anantnag District and provided them with items necessary for their survival during the harsh winter season. The winter relief kit provided to such selected 315 poor families included items such as pheran (traditional woolen gowns), hot water bottles, shoes, blankets etc. The winter relief kits distributed to the beneficiaries helped them combat the severe cold and protect their family members from getting sick by severe cold. Following are some of the major outcomes of the activity of providing winter relief kits to community members from Anantnag district viz

  • Total 315 poor households could be provided with articles such as pheran (traditional woolen gowns), hot water bottles, shoes, blankets etc
  • Beneficiaries from total 17 villages namely Charakpora, Hapatnard, Nagbal, Boispora, Ganiepora, Halmullah, Chairward, Khayar, Batagund, Fatehpora, Dooru, Verinag, Chogund, Wanpoh, Dialgam, Sarnal and Khanabal village were covered under this activity
  • Ratio of poor people suffering from winter related ailments from the targeted 17 villages were reduced considerably
  • Winter life of approximately 1260 rs from 315 households was made bearable and withstood the chilly cold winter season.
  • Children and aged persons had been protected from severe cold winters

Emergency relief kits

With the abrogation of Article 370, in August 2019 in J & K region, there was chaos in the valley. The administration therefore was constrained to impose curfew which lasted for nearly 7 months period. During this period all the activities came to a standstill as restrictions on free movement of people were imposed resulting in loss of employment and livelihood opportunities for the citizens.

Due to curfew the life of common man was disturbed. The poor wage laborers were the worst sufferers as their livelihood was lost and with no money in pockets they were leading to hunger deaths. In such circumstances HWF provided groceries and other essential items to ultra poor families from Anantnag district in the form of emergency relief kits. These relief kits consisted of food and grocery items which helped the ultra poor beneficial families to survive during the curfew /lockdown period